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Justin Sanders makes it three in a row to begin SCCT season

Aromas, California’s Justin Sanders continued his torrid pace to start the Sprint Car Challenge Tour season, racing to his third victory in as many races on Saturday at Marysville Raceway’s Mel & Marlyn Hall Memorial.

With extra money raised by the Hall Family and the Shop Kyle Larson Bonus factored in, Sanders and car owner Dale Miller walked out of Marysville $3,500 richer. It marked Sanders’ 11th career Elk Grove Ford Sprint Car Challenge Tour triumph and his second at the Mel & Marlyn Hall Memorial.

“It’s been a great start to the season for this Dale Miller Septic 4SA team,” Sanders commented in victory lane. “You had to be really patient through all the stoppages and luckily, we were able to get past Tanner Carrick there for the lead. I can’t thank everybody enough who supports this car.”

The 35-lap main event for the SCCT 360s began with outside front row starter Michael Faccinto looping it to a stop in the opening corner. Unfortunately, it was a precursor of things to come, as several slow downs plagued the contest.

When going green Lincoln’s Tanner Carrick set the early pace, as he raced to close to home on Saturday. Sanders stalked the tail tank of the TC Guide Service No. 83T with drivers battling for position throughout the field. Right around lap 20 traffic came into play and created the race changing pass up front.

With Carrick getting a bit tight off turn two Sanders charged around to scoop up the lead that he would never relinquish. Persevering through a handful of more restarts, he drove off to accept the checkered flag.

Carrick crossed the stripe in second followed by 10th starter Shane Hopkins in the High Sierra Industries No. 21, who had a career best night with the Sprint Car Challenge Tour. It was back-to-back solid performances for the Placerville driver, after also bringing home a podium in Placerville two weeks back.

Oakley’s Dylan Bloomfield aboard the Vertullo Racing No. 83v and Roseville’s Sean Becker in the Monhoff Racing No. 35 completed the top-five. The remainder of the top-10 was filled out by Andy Forsberg, who was one of many drivers who went to the rear at one point, Travis Labat, Dominic Gorden, Austin Wood and 20th starter Dawson Hammes.

Steel Powell carved his way from 23rd to 11th, earning the Pit Stop USA Hard Charger Award. William Fielding took home the $100 first non-transfer award courtesy of D&D Roofing.

Ryan Bernal picked off the B-main, while Tanner Carrick captured the High Sierra Industries Dash.

Heat race wins went to Dylan Bloomfield, Travis Labat, Tanner Carrick and Colby Copeland. A strong field of 39 cars competed on Saturday night with Justin Sanders earning his third straight Sierra Foothills Wine Services fast time award to begin the campaign. He toured the quarter mile in 12.446 seconds.

The Hall Family must be commended for their efforts in raising extra money for the racers on Saturday. The A-main was elevated to a minimum of $3,000-to-win/ $500-to-start, along with additional money added to the B-main thanks to the Hall Family and all the generous donors.

The Elk Grove Ford Sprint Car Challenge Tour now gets set to take part in opening night of the Dave Bradway Jr. Memorial at Placerville Speedway this coming Friday. Seating is reserved in the grandstands and can be purchased at the gate or via 


Sprint Car Challenge Tour – 39 Entries Marysville Raceway May 25, 2024

A Feature 35 Laps

1. 4SA-Justin Sanders[3]; 2. 83T-Tanner Carrick[1]; 3. 21-Shane Hopkins[10]; 4. 83V-Dylan Bloomfield[4]; 5. 35-Sean Becker[7]; 6. 92-Andy Forsberg[11]; 7. 61-Travis Labat[8]; 8. 10-Dominic Gorden[15]; 9. 2A-Austin Wood[6]; 10. 55D-Dawson Hammes[20]; 11. 11S-Steel Powell[23]; 12. 54S-Drake Standley[19]; 13. 94TH-Braden Chiaramonte[12]; 14. 56C-Carson Hammes[24]; 15. 25S-Seth Standley[18]; 16. 9L-Luke Hayes[16]; 17. 5-Kenny Wanderstadt[17]; 18. 54X-Ryan Bernal[21]; 19. 5R-Ryan Rocha[14]; 20. 5V-Colby Copeland[5]; 21. 88-Austin Torgerson[22]; 22. X1-Michael Faccinto[2]; 23. 15-Nick Parker[9]; 24. 17W-Shane Golobic[13]

B Feature 12 Laps

1. 54X-Ryan Bernal[1]; 2. 88-Austin Torgerson[2]; 3. 11S-Steel Powell[3]; 4. 56C-Carson Hammes[4]; 5. 81-William Fielding[15]; 6. 24S-Izaak Sharp[8]; 7. 57B-Bobby Butler[12]; 8. 28-Gauge Garcia[9]; 9. 15X-Pat Harvey Jr[16]; 10. 91J-John Sullivan[11]; 11. 76-Jennifer Osborne[10]; 12. 24K-Koa Crane[7]; 13. 21W-Josh Wiesz[13]; 14. 34-Dakota Albright[17]; 15. 14-Mariah Ede[5]; 16. 54-Carson Hall[6]; 17. 18P-Jack Phillips[14]

Dash 6 Laps

1. 83T-Tanner Carrick[1]; 2. X1-Michael Faccinto[3]; 3. 4SA-Justin Sanders[2]; 4. 83V-Dylan Bloomfield[4]; 5. 5V-Colby Copeland[8]; 6. 2A-Austin Wood[7]; 7. 35-Sean Becker[6]; 8. 61-Travis Labat[5]

Heat 1 10 Laps

1. 83V-Dylan Bloomfield[1]; 2. 4SA-Justin Sanders[4]; 3. 92-Andy Forsberg[2]; 4. 17W-Shane Golobic[7]; 5. 5-Kenny Wanderstadt[5]; 6. 11S-Steel Powell[9]; 7. 24K-Koa Crane[8]; 8. 91J-John Sullivan[10]; 9. 54X-Ryan Bernal[3]; 10. 81-William Fielding[6]

Heat 2 10 Laps

1. 61-Travis Labat[3]; 2. 15-Nick Parker[1]; 3. 35-Sean Becker[4]; 4. 10-Dominic Gorden[5]; 5. 54S-Drake Standley[2]; 6. 14-Mariah Ede[9]; 7. 28-Gauge Garcia[7]; 8. 21W-Josh Wiesz[8]; 9. 8JR-Brian McGahan Jr[6]

Heat 3 10 Laps

1. 83T-Tanner Carrick[4]; 2. 2A-Austin Wood[1]; 3. 94TH-Braden Chiaramonte[3]; 4. 5R-Ryan Rocha[8]; 5. 25S-Seth Standley[6]; 6. 56C-Carson Hammes[7]; 7. 24S-Izaak Sharp[9]; 8. 57B-Bobby Butler[5]; 9. 88-Austin Torgerson[2]; 10. 34-Dakota Albright[10]

Heat 4 10 Laps

1. 5V-Colby Copeland[1]; 2. 21-Shane Hopkins[2]; 3. X1-Michael Faccinto[4]; 4. 9L-Luke Hayes[3]; 5. 55D-Dawson Hammes[7]; 6. 54-Carson Hall[5]; 7. 76-Jennifer Osborne[8]; 8. 18P-Jack Phillips[6]; 9. 15X-Pat Harvey Jr[9]

Qualifying A 2 Laps

1. 4SA-Justin Sanders, 00:12.446[19]; 2. 35-Sean Becker, 00:12.658[2]; 3. 83V-Dylan Bloomfield, 00:12.707[7]; 4. 15-Nick Parker, 00:12.791[6]; 5. 92-Andy Forsberg, 00:12.803[5]; 6. 54S-Drake Standley, 00:12.812[12]; 7. 54X-Ryan Bernal, 00:12.867[16]; 8. 61-Travis Labat, 00:12.912[11]; 9. 5-Kenny Wanderstadt, 00:13.034[18]; 10. 10-Dominic Gorden, 00:13.042[13]; 11. 81-William Fielding, 00:13.043[1]; 12. 8JR-Brian McGahan Jr, 00:13.066[9]; 13. 17W-Shane Golobic, 00:13.110[14]; 14. 28-Gauge Garcia, 00:13.301[15]; 15. 24K-Koa Crane, 00:13.329[10]; 16. 21W-Josh Wiesz, 00:13.335[4]; 17. 11S-Steel Powell, 00:13.399[8]; 18. 14-Mariah Ede, 00:13.489[3]; 19. 91J-John Sullivan, 00:14.067[17]

Qualifying B 2 Laps

1. 83T-Tanner Carrick, 00:12.637[2]; 2. X1-Michael Faccinto, 00:12.657[18]; 3. 2A-Austin Wood, 00:12.817[6]; 4. 5V-Colby Copeland, 00:12.845[4]; 5. 88-Austin Torgerson, 00:12.894[9]; 6. 21-Shane Hopkins, 00:12.897[10]; 7. 94TH-Braden Chiaramonte, 00:12.904[7]; 8. 9L-Luke Hayes, 00:12.985[1]; 9. 57B-Bobby Butler, 00:13.114[12]; 10. 54-Carson Hall, 00:13.138[5]; 11. 25S-Seth Standley, 00:13.183[11]; 12. 18P-Jack Phillips, 00:13.243[13]; 13. 56C-Carson Hammes, 00:13.308[16]; 14. 55D-Dawson Hammes, 00:13.375[19]; 15. 5R-Ryan Rocha, 00:13.389[3]; 16. 76-Jennifer Osborne, 00:13.483[17]; 17. 24S-Izaak Sharp, 00:13.683[14]; 18. 15X-Pat Harvey Jr, 00:14.167[15]; 19. 34-Dakota Albright, 00:14.370[8]

Story by Gary Thomas. Images courtesy of Tim Holland



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