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Fast Time Award:

ADCO Driveline and Custom Exhaust - $100.00 cash per event

Fast Time Award:

Quick Time Mortgage - $100.00 cash per event

Heat Race Award:

Heat Race #1:  Allstar Performance - 1st $100, 2nd $75, 3rd $50, 4th $25 certificate per event

Heat Race Award:

Heat Race #2:  A.R.T. - 1st $100, 2nd $75, 3rd $50, 4th $25 certificate per event

Heat Race Award:

Heat Race #3:  BR Motorsports -  1st $100, 2nd $75, 3rd $50, 4th $25 certificate per event

Heat Race Award:

Heat Race #4:  King Racing Products - 1st $100, 2nd $75, 3rd $50, 4th $25 certificate per event

First Non-Transfer in C-Main (3rd in C)Award:

Keizer Wheels- 2 $50 certificates per event

1st Non-Qualifier (5th in B):

Bullard Construction - $100.00 cash per event

B-Main Final Finisher

D and D Roofing - $100 cash to the final finisher in the B-main at each event

A-Main Hard Charger Award:

Pit Stop USA - $200.00 certificate per event

Last Place in A-Main Award:

Chris Kenner Racing Specialties  - $100.00 certificate per event 

Fastest Lap A-Main Award:

Metal Works - $100.00 cash per event

10th Place A-Main Award:

Auto Meter - $100 certificate for 10 events

7th Place A-Main Award

PT Shocks - $50.00 certificate per event

Full Time Owner A-Main Winner Award:

Kyle Larson Racing - $500 Cash to Full Time Winning Car Owner per event 

Dash Winner Award:

High Sierra Industries - $100.00 cash per event

B Main Event Winner:

Ti22 Performance - $100.00 cash per event

Hard Luck Award:

CRV Carbon Solutions - $100.00 certificate per event 

2019 Season Passing Master Award: - $750 prize to the driver that passes the most cars throughout the 2019 season.

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Rookie of the Year Award:

Garth Moore Insurance &  Financial Services - $1000.00 cash award

Sprint Car Challenge Tour Award:

Keizer Wheels - Set of wheels at banquet

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